We are so excited to be kicking off 2019 by heading to Las Vegas this weekend for our official VIBE 3 SERIES product launch at the CES trade show. We have been working so hard to innovate our products for the best possible experience and can't wait to reveal all of the amazing features of the NEW VIBE 3.1 & VIBE 3.2 systems. We want to THANK YOU so much for being a part of our growing community centered around full immersion experiences using Sound, Light, Frequency and Vibration to raise the vibration of the planet and #harmonizehumanity.    

The following programs come standard with all new VIBE 3.0 products:

~ Energy Clearing ~
~ Emotional Balancing ~
~ Physical Healing ~
~ Brain Nervous System Balancing ~
~ Detoxification and Inflammation Reduction ~
~Transformation & Abundance ~
~ An Inner Journey of Self Realization, a Physical Journey and a Journey into deep space. ~ 

62 different tracks that come standard with your custom digital tablet and custom Bioharmonic Technologies App.  

The new The New VIBE Systems from Bioharmonic Technologies will be the exclusive home for our new VIBE App.  This library will feature the most innovative artist, musicians and visionary leaders that you will have access to for years to come.  This is over a $1000 value and is yours Free for joining the new Vibroacoustic Vibe Tribe.  

The VIBE 3.1 Full Immersion Sound Lounge
Great for stationary set up in your home or office

The VIBE 3.2. Bodywork and Mobility 
Great for spreading vibes on the go, doing body work and adding a vibrational component to other existing technology. 

The VIBE 3.0 Combo
1 VIBE 3.1  + 1 VIBE 3.2. 
Purchase one of each for the best savings! 

Thank you for being a part of this immersive immersing movement.  

We look forward to vibing with you in 2019,