Sound, Light and Frequency Technology

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The Future is now! Welcome to Bioharmonic Technologies and the world of Sonic-ceuticals.

What are the Healing Properties of Sound?

Advance Musical Theory

  • During the Golden Age of Greece,  musical modes were used to stimulate, relax and create specific moods –
  • Musical modes correspond to endocrine glands, the chakra system and acupuncture meridians (Academy of Sound Color and Movement Book 1, Maman)

Sacred Geometry

  • The subconscious mind recognizes symbols
  • Our own DNA and connective tissue matrix consist of specific geometrical shapes
  • Provides information to assist in releasing cellular memory
  • The older the discipline of sacred geometry, the more it interacts with the DNA.
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Mathematical Ratios – Phi Frequency (The Golden Ratio)

  • Believe to be the mathematical ratio of everything in nature, biology, and the our universe
  • The delivery system for Bioharmonic Technologies Sonic-ceuticals.

Subconscious Affirmations

  • 99.9985% of all information is filtered through the subconscious mind
  • The subconscious mind does not know the difference between reality and fiction

If you ever wondered what effect sound has on your cells, watch this amazing video!

Our cells are 70-90% water.  10-20% consists of  the Living Connective Tissue Matrix, which communicates and conducts vibrational frequencies to your cells from inside our cells and outside our cells.   Ordinary water is exposed to Energy Clearing CD by Bioharmonic Technologies. See what happens when ordinary water is exposed to specific mathematical ratios, sacred geometry and specific spinal vertebral frequencies.

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