Sonic-Ceuticals are bioharmonic vibrational frequencies that are used to clear energy blocks at a cellular level. By simply listening to specific frequencies that vibrate each individual spinal vertebrae, creates a space to release negative energy from your energy/emotional body. Our bodies are made up of vibrational receptors and if tuned appropriately, we can achieve exceptional levels of health and well-being!

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Energy Clearing

Every track on the Energy Clearing CD will bombard your body with positive frequencies. The CD is infused with sacred geometry to help create a space to release negative energy from your energetic biofield, specific frequencies which will vibrate each individual spinal vertebrae,  and high frequencies emitted by the crystal bowls, chimes and tingshas.

Our cells are 70-80% water, 20-30% consists of connective tissue which communicate and conduct vibrational frequency to your cells. Watch our video to see the effects of ordinary water being exposed to the frequencies from our Energy Clearing CD by Bioharmonic Technologies with specific mathematical ratios, sacred geometry and specific spinal vertebral frequencies.

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Cellular Attunement

Emotions play such a huge roll in overall health and well-being. Unfortunately, emotions are one of the most challenging things to manage in our day to day lives. Are you aware that specific musical arrangements, played in specific octaves in specific notes can influence specific glands and energy centers in your body? These relationships are all incorporated into our CD Cellular Attunement.

The Second Release from Bioharmonic Technologies, this CD was created specifically to assist in a therapeutic biofeedback system called The EVOX by Zyto. This amazing technology uses voice recognition software to identify and balance emotional and physical imbalances in the body. If you do not have access to The EVOX, do not worry, Cellular Attunement creates an amazing environment of emotional balancing as a stand alone CD. Our Cellular Attunement CD even comes with instructional protocols on how to create the best emotional balancing experience.

Emotional Balancing……….Relaxation.……….Meditation…………Cellular Attunement. It is time for a change. Order this amazing sound healing product today and tomorrow begin creating a whole new you.

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Spectrum by Bioharmonic Technologies was created to support and improve symptoms associated with Autism. This specialized ” Sonic-ceutical” project has also been shown to have a salutary effect on people suffering from other sensory processing disorders like ADD/ADHD. Common findings when listening to Spectrum from Bioharmonic Technologies include increased creativity and mental relaxation. Results and effects may vary from person to person.

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Cell Cleanser

Physical illness, emotional instability and lack of  personal and spiritual growth all can be symptoms of toxicity trapped within ones vibrational cellular network. The ability to purge unwanted
toxins from the environment, past physical and emotional traumas, and past illness and infections can help support creating optimal thriving cellular ecology. Cell Cleanser from Bioharmonic Techologies provides a musical foundation that can be used as a stand alone product or can be used in conjunction with other healing techniques, technologies and modalities to support better health.

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Transformation & Abundance

What if you could create whatever you wanted in your life? Just like a genie, you have access to rapid manifestation of your hopes, dreams and desires. Have you ever given yourself permission to think as big as you want to be? The modern world consists of busy lifestyles, family, and work obligations, stress from our environment and finances. If you are ready to create massive change in your life and start living the life of your dreams, then welcome to Transformation & Abundance from Bioharmonic Technologies.

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