In the future, prescription medications will not be delivered through a pill, it will be through sound. Since our cells vibrate and respond to frequency, using specific frequencies to bring balance to common ailments makes a lot of sense.

The Future is now! Welcome to Bioharmonic Technologies and the world of Sonic-ceuticals.

The difference between light and sound is speed. We are physical manifestations of moving energy and light. We are light, slowed down into a manifested form. This is why sound can so effectively influence our body’s physiology. It interacts with our bodies at a much slower speed. Our CD Sonic-ceuticals Vol 1 combines known physiological frequency ranges, mathematical ratios and sacred geometry, layered along with contemporary music, to influence physiological cellular expression.

While traveling abroad Dr. Steven Schwartz was inspired to create Sonic-ceuticals Vol 1. The healing modalities featured in this project were originally intended to address various ailments encountered in remote locations of South America. The musical compositions on this CD embrace a haunting, unique flavor of Native Music, combined with healing frequencies designed to restore balance to an unbalanced system.

If you are interested in techno-shamanic music with contemporary drum beats embedded into scientifically arranged meditation music, Sonic-ceuticals Vol 1 is the perfect music selection for you.

Whether you suffer from a specific ailment or simply want to create balance in your body, Sonic-ceuticals Vol 1 can offer you a wide variety of options.

Choose from Bone Regeneration, Visceral Healing, Muscle Relaxation, Neurological Stimulation, Wound Healing, or take a deep meditating journey while you are bathed in the melodic sounds and frequencies of our own physiology.

If you like sound healing music, Sonic-ceuticals Vol 1. promises to be a unique CD experience that will be enjoyed over and over again.