About us

Welcome to the Vibroacoustic Evolution Revolution

The new VIBE System from Bioharmonic Technologies gives you access to the most primal levels of your nervous system and human physiology creating access to easily relax, meditate, activate, detoxify, transform, restore, recover, balance, ground, release and harmonize yourself and others.

It is the mission of Bioharmonic Technologies to develop, create and distribute technologies and content that helps raise the vibration of the planet and harmonize humanity using sound, light, frequency and vibration.

The VIBE System is great for personal home use,as well as incorporate into  spas, resorts, hotels, gyms, corporate wellness programs or holistic facilities. Vibrational sound therapy is a safe, effective and fun way to support yourself and your surrounding community physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

The Founder of Bioharmonic Technologies,Dr. Steven Schwartz,has been specializing in the treatment and management of chronic illness, allergies, chronic pain and inflammatory conditions using Energy-based techniques and technologies since 2000 and has been creating therapeutic music, called Sonic-ceuticals, since 2007. Dr. Schwartz has been designing biofeedback systems and working with Vibroacoustic technology since 2010.  He is the author of Primal Resonance, Discover the Secrets to Health, Vitality and Optimal Human Performance. Which discusses the top 10 ways to reverse aging and degeneration using sound, light frequency and vibration. Your VIBE System is one of the applied sciences he discusses in his book.

Dr. Steven Schwartz has been creating embedded frequency based music as a way of supporting his patients since 2007.  His Sonic-ceutical Collection of music is ever evolving as he finds better ways of accessing the nervous system and restoring harmony to a typically chaotic body and environment. Through his journey of vibrational healing and music, he has created the VIBE, Vibrational Sound Therapy System, as a delivery system for his music.

VIBE Systems from Bioharmonic Technologies represent the beginning of a new wave of innovation in the world of vibrational healing technology and content. These technologies are designed for you and humanity in mind. As we harmonize ourselves and our immediate environment, the effects ripple and spread, leading to a shift creating global impact.