Energy Clearing

Energy Clearing


This unique therapeutic musical experience will assist in clearing ones living space and physical body of any negative or altered vibrations. Combines ancient high frequency instruments and modern sound healing theory to increase mental clarity.


By simply playing even just one track on the Energy Clearing CD will bombard your body with all positive frequencies. The CD is infused with sacred geometry to help create a space to release negative energy from your energetic biofield, specific frequencies which will vibrate each individual spinal vertebrae,  and high frequencies emitted by the crystal bowls, chimes and tingshas.

Our cells are 70-80% water, the other 20-30% consists of connective tissue which communicates and conducts vibrational frequency to your cells. Watch our video to see the effects of ordinary water being exposed to the frequencies from our Energy Clearing CD by Bioharmonic Technologies with specific mathematical ratios, sacred geometry and specific spinal vertebral frequencies.

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