Product Description

The new VIBE 3.2 Sound Lounge from Bioharmonic Technologies keeps the best of Dr. Schwartz’s original design and improves upon all the rest.  If you are in the market for the most advanced sound vibration technology products on the market, at the best price with the best community, you have come to the right place.
Introducing the VIBE 3.2 Sound Lounge Pre-Launch Special
Limited to the first 10 orders placed this week. Get your vibe on with the new VIBE 3.2 Sound Lounge
Discover the Redesigned & Redefined VIBE 3.1 & VIBE 3.2 Sound Lounge
Upgrades and New Additions
  • Upgraded micro amplifier that reduces the the footprint by 2/3 while delivering maximum vibrational power.
  • Upgraded High Quality Headphones
  • Upgraded high quality dedicated music tablet
  • New Addition. Custom music app featuring Bioharmonic Technologies music and other new features
  • Other free bonuses



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