Cellular Attunement Research

This is a before and after GDV Test  listening to One 5 min track from “Cellular Attunement” from Bioharmonic Technologies. 

  • Each Zone is associated with a specific Emotional Relationship and corresponding musical note.
  •  The subject picked Zone 8 which is “Fearful Overwhelm vs. Accountability” and is associated with the musical note “E”
  • The “Before” slide shows complete misalignment of chakras 1-5
  • After listening to “Zone 8” for 5 min, the lower 4 chakras all came into complete alignment and the 5th Chakra makes a dramatic shift from the Right side to the Left.
  • The musical Note “E” corresponds to the 5th Chakra.
  • This is a perfect example of how sound can influence the energetics of a living organism.
Study conducted by Mary Millroy of GDV Source.        www.GDVSource.com 

This is a study testing the changes in the room, when “Cellular Attunement” was played, vs. not being played.

  • Sci-lab is a GDV program that can measure the energy in a room or environment.
  • This study was conducted using Zone 4, “Emotionally Disconnected vs. Emotionally Integrated”
  • Playing Zone 4 for 5 minutes, the chaotic energy in the room reduced, causing a more relaxed response from the listening subject.
  • This study shows that Sonic-ceuticals by Bioharmonic Technologies can influence the energy of  aroom or environment.

Energy Clearing” CD Testing Summary

The results were following a group testing using GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization testing camera) The Procedure involved testing the energy of the room with GDV sensors as “Energy Clearing CD” was played

Average Intensity is the strength of the glow of the emissions, or the energy of the field.  The “Energy Clearing CD”, shown in the brown graph, had the highest energy field, with only 1 track of testing.

The bottom graph shows a bar chart that also characterizes the average intensity. The Energy Clearing CD shown in brown shows the highest intensity, with the least amount of noise. (Chaotic Energy in the above chart is at its lowest even though the intensity of the energy is at its lowest.)