This is a before and after GDV Test  listening to One 5 min track from “Cellular Attunement” from Bioharmonic Technologies. 

  • Each Zone is associated with a specific Emotional Relationship and corresponding musical note.
  •  The subject picked Zone 8 which is “Fearful Overwhelm vs. Accountability” and is associated with the musical note “E”
  • The “Before” slide shows complete misalignment of chakras 1-5
  • After listening to “Zone 8” for 5 min, the lower 4 chakras all came into complete alignment and the 5th Chakra makes a dramatic shift from the Right side to the Left.
  • The musical Note “E” corresponds to the 5th Chakra.
  • This is a perfect example of how sound can influence the energetics of a living organism.
Study conducted by Mary Millroy of GDV Source. 

This is a study testing the changes in the room, when “Cellular Attunement” was played, vs. not being played.

  • Sci-lab is a GDV program that can measure the energy in a room or environment.
  • This study was conducted using Zone 4, “Emotionally Disconnected vs. Emotionally Integrated”
  • Playing Zone 4 for 5 minutes, the chaotic energy in the room reduced, causing a more relaxed response from the listening subject.
  • This study shows that Sonic-ceuticals by Bioharmonic Technologies can influence the energy of  aroom or environment.