A non-medical sound and vibration system that provides audio and tactile stimulation to the mind and body. This therapy delivers “natural frequencies” in a passive and non-invasive process to the brain and central nervous system with the specific intent of balancing, optimizing and harmonizing these cells in our body and brain through entrainment.

Research is proving that frequency therapy can be an effective & safe way to help relieve symptoms of stress, anxiety and the effects of health problems such as addiction, depression, Parkinson’s Disease as well as many other mental and psychical disorders.

Healing Vibrations?

Most ancient cultures naturally gravitated to the seemingly magical power of sound for healing purposes. Although Western civilization has retained a love and appreciation of the deep impact of music on our psyches, only recently has it renewed efforts to reconsider soundwaves for their medicinal properties. By now, acoustic research has burgeoned into a new science that reestablished the healing benefits of sound not just for diagnostic imaging with ultrasound waves, but also for breaking up kidney stones, shrinking tumors, and later, a host of unexpected medical uses. Infrasound, audible sound, binaural sound waves and the new field of Cymatics are only a few of the fascinating directions evolving from this rich under-explored territory of sound frequencies.

Want to know more about how THE VIBE 3.1 Sound Lounge & Bioharmonic Technologies can help to relieve symptoms of stress, anxiety and the effects of many health problems and disorders?