Bioharmonic Technologies & SpaceVR V-DAY VIBE Party Friday, February 15th 2019!

Space Date Vibe Party


Come on and intergalactic vibe journey through sound, light, frequency, and vibration as we soar through outer space in virtual reality! This is a 1st time ever experience. Combining Vibrational Sound Therapy technology & Virtual Reality showcasing NASA space footage.

Chose from two experiences 1) Vibrational sound and light immersion OR 2) Vibrational Space Date Immersion experience curated by SpaceVR & Bioharmonic Technologies. The party will be held at our Marina Del Rey office Location - The Riveter Friday February 15. There will complementary Champagne, Rosè, sparking water and we will have some sweet vegan treats to share. Meet #VIBEambassadors, #VIBEinfluencers, and #VIBEaffiliates!
Option #1 - VIBE & Light Therapy Immersion - $55 1person / $80 2 people
~ Includes 20 min Vibrational Sound Therapy and Therapeutic light session
Option #2 - VIBE SpaceVR Immersion - $88 1person / $111 2people
~ Includes 20 min Vibrational Space Immersion synced to real time VR space journey
Bring someone you love and experience an intergalactic space date like never before!
Good Vibes + Sweet Treats + Harmonic Music + SpaceVR = LOVE <3
All are welcome to attend. Space is limited for individual VIBE & SpaceVR sessions. Message us to make your reservation!
Date: Friday February 15th
Time: 1pm-5pm
Location:  The Riveter 4505 Glencoe Ave Marina Del Rey, CA

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