VIBE Systems Limited Warranty

Please read the following warranty information for important disclosures before using your new Bioharmonic Technologies VIBE System. It is the mission of Bioharmonic Technologies to design, develop, manufacture and sell innovative, high quality products that create a better and healthier way of life. We appreciate your commitment to our mission and our products and are pleased to let you know that Bioharmonic Technologies product you purchased comes with a limited warranty. The warranty provides peace of mind you are covered for components and defects in workmanship within the coverage guidelines and limitations outlined below. Coverage guidelines: 

    • We will warranty the VIBE, platform and parts for 3 years. After 3 years, the customer pays labor charges and for parts needed to complete the repair. 
    • Electronic components are warranted by their manufacturer – i.e. Tablet , headphones, amplifiers and any other electronics not built by Bioharmonic Technologies .
    • Customer should complete warranty cards on all components individually when received and contact the manufacturer directly for repairs or replacements of a component.
    • Freight charges to the warehouse & back to the customer are the customer’s responsibility..


In the event that your Bioharmonic Technologies product malfunctions or requires repair, please contact us at for assistance.

All warranty service requires approval and authorization by Bioharmonic Technologies. Prior to providing warranty approval we first trouble shoot the issues by video conference. Once we identify the issues we take the appropriate steps to replace the needed parts. For returns, the customer is responsible for packing the product in the original box or in approved packaging. Shipping and freight outbound and inbound charges under this warranty is the responsibility of the customer. 

General Limitations: 

The warranty is only valid provided the product has been operated in accordance with the instruction manual and has not been misused or damaged in any way that is beyond the control of Bioharmonic Technologies. 

All service covered by this warranty must be approved by Bioharmonic Technologies and repairs performed by authorized technicians. 

The warranty applies only to the VIBE pad. The accessories are not covered. 

Bioharmonic Technologies is not responsible in any way for losses, damages, or inconvenience caused by equipment failure. 

Proof of purchase is required for all warranty repairs.