Come VIBE with us at the Biohacking Confrence!

Come experience THE NEXT GENERATION  of Dr. Steven Schwartz’s new VIBES (Vibrational Individualized Body Enhancement Systems). Be a part of this historical moment as we make our first appearance at the 6th Annual Upgrade Labs Biohacking Conference at The Beverly Hilton hotel next weekend April 5-7th and debut our new line of #TheVIBE3series. We will be activating a new look VIBE Zone in the VIP Lounge of the main exhibit hall PLUS hosting VIP VIBE After Parties & private sessions in our Executive Suite at the hotel all 3 days of the conference! (If you are not planning on attending the Conference, and want to come VIBE with us, you are welcome to attend our after parties.)

This event is one of Dr. Steve's top picks for 2019 and we are very excited to have the opportunity to share the VIBES with the incredible companies that will be showcasing at this EPIC Bulletproof Upgrade Labs event over Dr. Steves Birthday Weekend! 🎉


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