Conscious VIBES for a Conscious LIFE - VIP VIBE ZONE at Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo 2020!

Conscious VIBES for a Conscious LIFE! Buy ticket for 30 MIN VIP VIBE & THRIVE Experience in our private suite at the LAX Hilton!

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About this Event

Join us Feb 7th, 8th, and 9th at the LAX Hilton for our VIP Vibe Zone Activation during the Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo! This $33 ticket allows secure entry & access to our private VIP VIBE ZONE Experience and one 30-MIN VIP VIBE & THRIVE EXPERIENCE!


Q: When will my session time be?

A: We have available times on Feb 7th, 8th, and 9th. Once you buy a ticket you will be sent a message from our VIP VIBE Concierge with instructions on how to book your VIBE session time.

Q. What is included in the VIBE & THRIVE EXPERIENCE?

A. Hydration Station sponsored by California Glacial & UMH Structured water devices

+ We select a custom protocol for you that includes a Vibrational Sound Experience session using the V.I.B.E.S from Bioharmonic Technologies + a form of Therapeutic Light Therapy using red/infrared lights and/or the Spectrum Therapy Crystal PEMF mat.

+ For deeper levels of integration + we incorporate + aromatherapy + using essential oils that support the body in relaxation, detoxification, and total body harmonization.

+ Take your session to the next level with CBD, Kava, Ormus, Blue Lotus, and other quantum healing herbal products and herbal tinctures that help you to relax and integrate the vibrational sound & light therapy!

+ VIBE & HRV(Heart Rate Variability) scans available for $111

** Limited spaces per day! We sold out last year. Please purchase ticket in advance for 1st choice preferred session time.***

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