Don't miss Dr. Steven Schwartz at Kauai Aloha Festival October 4-6 2019!

Join Team Bioharmonic Technologies and Dr. Steven Schwartz on the sacred island of Kauai, Hawaii October 4-6th 2019 for the 2nd annual Kauai Aloha Festival.

Don't miss this special 3-day beachside festival opportunity to enjoy yoga, workshops, sound healing music, and much more! Take a deep dive into peace and harmonic resonance as he activates the environment and creates a sacred space in his “Sonic Alchemy Journey” by using a unique alchemical recipe of physiological frequencies, modulated brainwave entrainment patterns, sacred geometry, natural signatures, and live plant music combined with a variety of world instruments to create an interactive intentional environment to collectively harmonize the unified field of the gathering. This is a sound journey experience like no other. 

His “Primal Resonance” workshop will discuss the top 10 ways to reverse aging and degeneration using sound, light, frequency, and vibration as well as sharing tools and techniques for harmonizing and integrating your Nervous System to align with a reality of your choosing, a term he refers to as “Dimensional Shifting”. 

Come visit the ALOHA VIBE Zone®! A curated space featuring vibrational sound technology and therapeutic lights to harmonize, energize, activate, detoxify and transform the most primal essence of your being. 

Visit for more info and to get tickets. 


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