Join the Bioharmonic Technologies VIBE Tribe to "Activate with Gratitude" this Friday November 22nd at Flutter for an evening of intention activating what you truly desire through sound + meditation + music!

As we prepare to harvest for the season of gratitude and giving we gather to create what we believe will bring us closer to our dreams and desires.

Learn to create your reality by experiencing the feeling of having what you desire before you do. Using sound therapy, binaural beats, virtual reality, meditation, 432 mega music via silent disco headphones in an immersive art experience.

Opening Ceremony by HOUSE of GONG
Jon 9 at the HOUSE of GONG plays a collection of sound-healing gong instruments ranging in size from 15" to 7 ft in diameter. Using his own intuitive techniques, Jon will open up our evening with a 30-minute gong ceremony to get grounded and ready to receive the potent power of Aarona Lea and her 'Intentional Activation' meditation followed by Bioharmonic Technologies record release which will transport you to your future desire via silent disco headphones. Cole Knight then pumps up the volume to rejoice and celebrate the emotion of that desire.

Gratitude Activation Meditation Led by Aarona Lea
Intuitive living is a practice and lifestyle. The more we learn to listen and interpret the language of our inner voice, the more ease and flow we will experience in our lives. Our intuition is like an internal GPS system, guiding us daily in our choices, actions, and instincts. Opening up to the wisdom of this inner voice allows us to trust more and worry less. Aarona will lead this experience with a group forecast oracle reading with The Moon Deck followed by a Trust Meditation and Intuitive Activation. Together we will explore the voice of our intuition, both how it feels in our body and how its messages show up in the world around us. Come learn how to feel and bring the desire to life.

The VIBES - 3 Series
Sound Therapy Systems - Chill out and relax with The VIBE (Vibrational Individual Body Enhancement) 3.0 Sound Therapy Systems the most advanced bio-resonance technologies on the market today! Bioresonance Technology accesses a direct connection into human neurology and physiology through the biggest sensory organ of the body and the skin. This access point receives the largest range of sensory information than any other sensory organ in the body. Through this mechanism, deep, quick levels of meditation, relaxation, and cellular memory release can occur.

Alkalite Water Bar 
Fully activated hydrogen water bar with crystals and toners

DJ Set By Cole Knight
Cole Knight is an LA-based DJ, entrepreneur, and yoga teacher. Cole is a sound alchemist of deep, infectious dance grooves and melodic beats that make you move. Though she loves playing at parties, venues and yoga classes, her love for music goes beyond the spectrum of mixing tunes. Cole's personal connection to music resonates in the frequencies - music is a tool to connect with your higher self to heal on a cellular level and release through dance.


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