Q: What is the VIBE?

A: The VIBE is a Vibrational Sound Therapy System designed for accessing human physiology at the most fundamental aspect of neurology.  The Fascia and Skin.

Q: How does the VIBE work?

A: The VIBE 3.0 Vibrational Sound Therapy System from Bioharmonic Technologies works by introducing harmonic resonant frequencies and music into the body through the skin which is a direct access point into the nervous system. The Skin is the largest sense organ of the body and has the broadest range of sensation input. It acts as a great way to influence the body in a variety of different ways.

Q: What hardware is in the VIBES?


1) the Heart of the VIBE

The hardware that activates the vibrations of the VIBE System are custom “transducers” that are rated to respond between 15-200 hz.  Transducers create interact with the low end of music. 

2) The Voice of the VIBE

Mpow H5 Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones,and

The Bioharmonic Technologies VIBROLIGHT Speaker.

These components allow the full spectrum of music to be expressed either through a personal headphone experience or into a space.

3) The Nervous System of the VIBE

VIBE 3.1 250 watt  Body amplifier

VIBE 3.2 100 watt  Body amplifier

Powers the VIBE Pad

Q: What differentiates the different VIBES?

A: No VIBE is better than the other, they both have different applications. It depends what you will be using it for.


The VIBE 3.1 -  is a 4 Transducer, Ergonomic Design, Full immersion System created mostly for stationary use. It comes with a 250 watt Body Amp, Headphone Amp, Noise Cancelling Headphones, Custom Bioharmonic Technologies programmed Music Controller and Metal Frame. 

The VIBE 3.2 -  is a 2 Transducer, Flat rigid design that matches the dimensions of a standard massage table.  This model is lighter, more mobile, lower price tag than the 3.1 and great for bodywork. It comes with a 100 watt body amp, headphone amp, noise cancelling headphones, VIBROLIGHT Speaker, Custom Bioharmonic Technologies programmed Music Controller and high quality, water repellent travel bag.